Alcohol Rehab Center In Connecticut

A survey conducted in 2008 estimated that about 47,193 addicts are being admitted into a treatment facility. This statistic is the sum total of the number of alcoholics being admitted at an alcohol rehab center in Connecticut. There are both non-profit and profit alcohol rehab centers in Connecticut. The only problem faced by people is identifying a suitable alcohol rehab center in Connecticut.

Each center has its own professionals, treatment programs, philosophies and credentials. Determining a suitable one requires lots of research including consultation of medical experts. As other states, Connecticut has enforced laws to help in fighting alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the laws are not sufficient in completely dealing with alcoholism. A rise in bars and night parties has greatly elevated alcohol abuse in Connecticut.

An alcohol rehab center in Connecticut applies a variety of treatment programs to address addiction. Thorough research will help you select certified alcohol rehab center that is officially recognized by accreditation bodies. Long-term and short-term alcohol abuse treatment programs are offered at the center. A typical short-term program lasts for about 30 days. Long-term programs can go up to 60 days or more depending on the progression of the patient.

Alcohol Rehab Center in Connecticut

At initial stages of treatment, the patient undergoes detox programs to cleanse the body of harmful substances. At a given center, patients attend counseling sessions where they learn different ways of dealing with addiction. The ideal alcohol rehab center in Connecticut should be characterized by aftercare services and relapse prevention therapy. The programs provided at a rehab center are specifically designed to help patients overcome any level of alcohol addiction.

Furthermore, medications such as methadone are provided to curb withdrawal symptoms. Patients take these medications according to a doctor’s prescription. The rehab center will have qualified medical experts who carry out a series of tests to identify medical requirements and the addiction history of the patient. A residential alcohol rehab center in Connecticut provides treatment around the clock.

Patients reside at the treatment facility. Outpatient alcohol facilities in Connecticut are suitable for individuals having low levels of addiction who are in serious need of help. They receive treatment on daily basis. They are allowed to go home in the afternoon. The treatment at an alcohol rehab center in Connecticut begins with the patient accepting having an addiction problem. The rehab center may also provide an intervention program where the patient is convinced to seek out professional help 800-303-2482.

If by any chance your loved one is caught in the web of alcohol addiction, do not hesitate consulting a professional to provide you with enough information about an alcohol rehab center in Connecticut. The rehab center instills skills in the patients on how to avoid any trigger mechanism of alcohol abuse. The patients are educated and coached how to take care upon completion of treatment.

Professionals found at the center can assist you to identify a suitable treatment center. They also offer medical supervision to the patients and adjust treatment where necessary. The programs provided deal with the physical and psychological dependency on alcohol. The alcoholics are usually encouraged to attend a licensed alcohol rehab center in Connecticut offering reliable treatment programs. A reputed rehabilitation center will automatically produce good results.

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